Why you’re going to be obsessed with us?

We Don’t Discriminate

We are an inclusive activewear brand. All our pieces are designed keeping every young woman in mind regardless of her shape, body type, sexual orientation or nationality. Our clothes are created with the intention of making you feel empowered and beautiful on and off the field. 



You Drive Our Decisions

Our customers lie at the heart of all our decisions at YuGO. We are committed to offering you the best fitting activewear that makes you look and feel good, and that comes from constantly hearing from you. So the next time you receive an email survey from us, please give us your honest feedback so that we can continue to produce the activewear of your dreams. 


Screw Sizes

For us size is just a number, and honestly who cares about numbers? At YuGo, we believe that there is no space in the world for traditional sizes like M, X, L or plus size. All our pieces are carefully categorized to make you feel “Worthy, Strong, Brilliant, Brave or Abundant”. The choice is entirely yours to decide which one you resonate with the most. 


We Value Your Money

We appreciate your hard work and know how difficult it can be to earn those pennies. So every time you shop with us and spend over $100, we will take care of the shipping costs, so that you can stock up on all your favorite activewear guilt-free. 


TikTok Friendly

We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable while you learn your favorite TikTok routines and bop to trending tunes. Designed to ensure maximum freedom of movement, our ultra-flattering, bright, bold styles are sure to make your viewers stop scrolling and wonder where you got your fire fits from. 


We’re Always Rooting for You 

We’re here to always remind you that you are capable of anything you set your mind to. All our clothes are engineered to make you feel your best so that you can achieve all your goals with ease and look like a snack while doing so. 


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