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My name is Sapir Moskovich Moshe, and my story begins with a passion and a dream. As a young girl, I discovered an adoration for dancing and the natural feminine strength it portrays. But, when I looked beyond this dream and into reality,  I realized I was not the stereotypical lean and toned young female dancer. Instead, I had the body of a real, developing adolescent girl. Owing to my naturally “different” body type, I began to feel like I was not good enough for dancing.

After years of body appreciation and self-love, my passion for dance has resurfaced, and I've set out to change the story for young women with the same unhealthy societal pressures.


My mission goes far beyond just promoting a positive self-image; it also encompasses the empowerment for girls in all aspects of their life. Encouraging them to feel beautiful, bold, and brilliant.

I believe sports, especially dancing, are among the most powerful outlets to strengthen confidence and self-worth in young girls, which is why I created YuGO—a company that makes high-quality activewear for young women. 

YuGO is here to empower the women of today, to become the leaders and tastemakers of tomorrow. By putting the power in the hands of young women, YuGo strives to perpetuate the mindset that every body is worthy of self-love and celebration. Just like all minds are capable of brilliance. 

So here YuGO, girl - the world is your oyster and I hope that together we can empower many more girls and some day maybe even your daughters to embrace themselves wholeheartedly and never give up on their passions. 

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